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March 13, 2020 3 minimum reading

Review: "Vegan Protein Vanilla Flavor"


Today we are going to do a “Review” on “Vegan Protein Vanilla Flavor”.


My Review of the “Vegan Protein Vanilla Flavor”


I had the opportunity to try "Vegan Protein Vanilla Flavor" from Telemedicina Latina Shop, an online store of supplements for health. I am very excited to use this product as I have read many reviews and benefits of using "Vegan Protein Vanilla Flavor".


Package content: 15 bags, each bag of "Vegan Protein Vanilla Flavor" contains 30 grams. It would give us a total of 454 grams that "Vegan Protein Vanilla Flavor" indicates in its presentation.


"Vegan Protein Vanilla Flavor"  is a vegan product, powder for smoothie, milk or dissolves in water, the suggested use is 1 serving daily to supplement the diet with protein.


"Vegan Protein Vanilla Flavor" is made for a 2000 calorie diet and it is advisable to get support from a health professional.


I wanted to take a look at "Vegan Protein Vanilla Flavor" because it was one of the best options within the Telemedicina Latina Shop, an excellent product with very good results.


One of the striking features if I can say one of the best is a food supplement being a vegetable blend.



It contains proteins for different functions and having knowledge of the variety is excellent, today we will look at the benefits of this excellent product:


  1. This product is very healthy, it helps keep you in shape and keep you strengthened in a natural and effective way.
  2. It helps you improve endurance when it comes to physical training.
  3. Its practical presentation, each envelope contains 30 grams of protein powder that helps complement your diet and feel fit for the rest of your day.
  4. A very important point to note is that "Vegan Protein Vanilla Flavor" not only favors physical training but also helps to balance blood glucose levels since the soluble fiber in the ingredients it contains is very efficient and very effective.


The Best thing about the "Vegan Protein Vanilla Flavor"

 The best thing about "Vegan Protein Vanilla Flavor" is that you would think that it is only a product or food supplement that only helps you physically, which is true but also helps you in other aspects. For example "Vegan Protein Vanilla Flavor" keeps you in a very good shape, it helps you repair muscle fibers after physical wear and tear.

When it comes to exercising, the only thing that comes to our mind is thinking about being in good health and being fit, but we hardly think about our wear after exercise, which with "Vegan Protein Vanilla Flavor" favors you because you will get a good physical appearance, good health, and muscle repair after exercising.

The one thing I didn’t like about the “Vegan Protein Vanilla Flavor”


The only one negative point about "Vegan Protein Vanilla Flavor" is where its manufacturing takes place and surrounds it.


Some people become “allergic” to the simple contact of products that are close to other products such as: milk, soy, wheat, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish. "Vegan Protein Vanilla Flavor" is manufactured and packaged in a facility that also processes those products.


Additional Features:



The Takeaway:

1. It is composed of natural ingredients such as:

-Isolated pea protein

-Organic hemp protein

-Natural flavors, sacha inchi protein

- Ground chia seed

-Stevia leaf extract (rebaudioside A)

-Gum guar, spirulina

-Algae powder

-Candy powder.

2. "Vegan Protein Vanilla Flavor" is amazing because it helps your physical appearance and your health in general.

3. "Vegan Protein Vanilla Flavor" in addition to all the aforementioned aspects tastes really good.

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