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"US Tele-medicine is in its 12th year of medical telehealth services. We experienced many medical circumstances and issues both in young and old. We found that most people lack enough elemental nutrients in their bodies to support and maintain a healthy, vigorous, and joyful lifestyle.  


So, in 2019 we decided to formulate our line of effective supplements based on over a decade of studying people and their health.  Products that are currently on the market are not as effective as they can be.    We knew what people needed what would make a noticeable difference in their lives. We concentrated on and succeeded in formulating the 26 essential products required to promote longevity, strength, and good health.  The commercial brands are just not good enough. 


Because we were new at this, after all, we are a doctor's group and not a vitamin company, and we scoured the world to see who develops the most potent yet safe and effective supplements.  We found those folks in South America where government support for the use of supplements is strong. We took much of their formulations because they work so well, sourced organic ingredients, and produced them in a top-tier, FDA approved facility in Georgia.  We gave the Latin world credit for these wonderful doctor-approved products and named the supplements after our sister company Telemedicina Latina.   


We invite you to shop knowing you are buying the most effective supplements designed by us to be especially useful for your needs.  These products are only available here because we can control the high quality of ingredients. As being a telemedicine group, we are always available to speak with you, offer our recommendations, and provide you with personalized health information. You can also book a time to see and speak with a doctor by visiting www.ustelemedicine.com.


We wish you and yours a long, happy, prosperous, and healthy life, and we have the products to help you achieve that.


The Staff at US Tele-Medicine"

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